3D-MID Solutions provides comprehensive services starting from feasibility study and prototyping to set up of production and optimization of “free form integrated” device manufacturing (MID, 3D-MID, Structural Electronics). With extensive experience of 3D-MID development, qualification, processes and production, of both the end product devices and the process equipment, 3D-MID Solutions offer the customer reliable fast prototyping and production channels.
Nordic 3D-MID Solutions is:                                                                                                                             LPKF Equipment for Prototyping, 3D-MID Prototyping, 3D-MID Production and 3D-MID Consulting, Structural Electronics prototyping and production



To educate, to inform, to develop and to provide the means to make rapid prototyping, production and services for 3D-MID & Structural Electronics applications and processes to realise 3D-MIDs.