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21 Jun

Clean Valve Exclusively in the Nordics

Nordic 3D-MID Solutions in cooperation with Salcon International and introduces the  Clean Valve to the industries in need for accurate dispensing of fluids, gases, solder paste, and more. Contact us for more information and demonstration.

Clean Valve applied line and spot structures

Clean Valve applied line and spot structures

16 Mar

3D-MID, Structural electronics simplifying manufacturing

Structural, free form integrated electronics and 3D-MID breaking even more ground.

The toy industry is embracing the concept. It is already getting into the wearable tech devices, earables, wristables and functional smart fabrics.

Multiple DImensions Dr. Roland Kuepfer explains “The advantages of the 3D-MID (Molded Interconnect Device) technology are well known in high volume cellular phones antennas and it is also showing market penetration in the automotive, watches, medical and consumer electronics industries.

But what about the toy industry?

In the toy industry, strategic merchandising relationships, like with Disney’s Frozen, are common. Cost competition and the fight for distinctive designs and shelf space are also dominating the toy business.”

11 Nov

Isoproto and 3D-MID in Finland

3D-MID/LDS in Finland
IsoProto article regarding 3D-MID services in Finland, prototyping and new products.

IsoProto is the supplier of 3D-MID/LDS products in Finland supplying LPKF Prototyping equipment and fast prototyping and production channels for 3D-MIDs.

LPKF Protolaser3D is THE machine for realizing the 3D-MID prototypes, for which the substrate is either 3D-Printed, molded or CNC milled. To make the part LDS-capable it is painted with the LPKF ProtoPaint LDS, lasered with LPKF ProtoLaser3D and then metallized with the LPKF ProtoPlate LDS.


26 Sep

2014 3D-MID e.V. Congress in Germany

The 3D-MID Research Association Congress 2014 is at its end.

Thank you,  with crew, for the fantastic organisation and the opportunity to meet the main actors world wide, in the 3D-MID community. We are looking forward to meet all of you again at the 2016 3D-MID Congress.

Update with more detailed information to follow shortly.

23 Sep

Salcon and 3D-MID Solutions join forces

Salcon Sales&Services, and Nordic 3D-MID Solutions join forces to strengthen the organisations. The joint venture will increase the coverage and services offered, specifically in the Nordics, but also globally.


Salcon, with Markus Thamm and Patrick Franke , have wide experience within the electronics industry, process and service industries as well as within sales and marketing.

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