11 Nov

Isoproto and 3D-MID in Finland

3D-MID/LDS in Finland
IsoProto article regarding 3D-MID services in Finland, prototyping and new products.

IsoProto is the supplier of 3D-MID/LDS products in Finland supplying LPKF Prototyping equipment and fast prototyping and production channels for 3D-MIDs.

LPKF Protolaser3D is THE machine for realizing the 3D-MID prototypes, for which the substrate is either 3D-Printed, molded or CNC milled. To make the part LDS-capable it is painted with the LPKF ProtoPaint LDS, lasered with LPKF ProtoLaser3D and then metallized with the LPKF ProtoPlate LDS.


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