3D-MID Prototyping

Rapid LDS prototyping using the LPKF ProtoLaser 3d system, and various methods of manufacturing the target substrate, such as 3D-Printing, CNC-milling or prototype molding, or customer defined substrate. If the material is not of LDS grade the LPKF ProtoPaint LDS is used.

Feasibility and Design For Manufacturing of 3D-MID

Assisting the customer to make the correct decision on the feasibility of a product for 3D-MID production. If the added value corresponds to the customers expectation and requirements the best practice and most efficient production process is recommended.

Set Up & Production

Set up of production, set to work and acceptance of processes, and production of 3D-MID in either low, mid or very high volumes.

Process Control, Qualification, Improvements

3D-MID process controlling, yield improvements and quality assurance.


Specializing in the LPKF LDS equipment we have proven results of effectivisation
of up to 30 % in LDS cycle times and significant increase of yield levels.


Industrialization of both processes and products produced with various technologies, mainly within 3D-MID.

3D-MID Conversion

Conversion of conventional 2D-PCBs, Flex-PCB and Rigid-FPCBs, to 3D-MID products.